A web-based application is any software system that runs on and interacts with its users through a web browser. Their accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, the ability to install and update software merely by navigating to the application's address and their inherent cross-platform compatibility are among the major advantages of web applications. Common web applications include webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, wikis, social media, collaboration tools, and reporting tools.


Performance is an essential quality attribute of every software system and web applications are not an exception; better performing web applications will provide a better user experience and be cheaper to operate.

At Stüdyo 3K, we use cutting-edge technologies and tools to provide our clients with high-performance software solutions. Additionally, we have integrated performance tests, such as load and stress testing, to our development process to ensure that our products yield the best possible performance.


With ever increasing amount of information sharing and business transactions occurring through the web, web applications have become a prominent target for hackers.

At Stüdyo 3K, we provide the infrastructure and capability to keep your applications secure from vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting, Code Injection, Path Disclosure, Code Execution, Cross Site Request Forgery, amongst others.


Reliable web applications are those that are able to operate failure-free for the required amount of time. Reliability requires perfection in design and is critical for an application's success.

Stüdyo 3K applies professional design and modeling techniques that are necessary to build reliable web applications.


Robust applications prevent and cope with potential problems gracefully without interrupting the user experience and thus improving usability and quality.

Stüdyo 3K incorporates daily builds and professional unit, regression, and system testing to the development process in order to ensure that your custom web applications are robust.

Legacy Software

Where your legacy software systems no longer meet your requirements, we can replace them with modern web applications customized for your organization.